Portable Solar power for Camping

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We shopped for our Outback 2.5i wagon last springtime and coordinated the acquisition of your GO right after the purchase of your 2011 Subaru. We had both in mind as “the boomer toys of choice”. We're able ton’t become more elated…they are just like biscuits and gravy, like strawberries and ointment, like sauerkraut on your own bratwurst, like horseradish with roast beef. Several things just work very well collectively! The Subaru’s back deck balances storage space of camping/kayaking/biking products with all the GO’s hauling capabilities. Our mpg were barely impacted at all and exposure had not been hampered when towing, either in the vacation or transportation mode
—Michael, Bloomington, MN.—

A Portable Solar Powered Energy Generator System, Exclusively when it comes to GO

SylvanSport clients have requested a portable solar power generator for the GO because the beginning, and we’re happy to provide! The Goal Zero: GO-400 Solar Power system was created exclusively for usage when you look at the GO pop up camper, to present an off-the-grid answer for camping in GO. We partnered with Goal Zero, our favorite eco-friendly organizations, to present the greatest system:

  • Yeti 400 Portable solar powered energy Generator that capabilities 12V, USB and AC products, including lights, little appliances, laptop computers, mobile phones, and more.
  • Two Nomad 13 solar power panels that easily install along with the GO, providing 14 watts of extremely efficient mono-crystalline solar power.
  • Light-a-Life LED Lamp, which can be installed any place in the GO and illuminate the interior with sharp LED lighting.
  • Adapters, and a 6 foot extension cable.

A Portable Solar Powered Energy Generator for Backups and Outages

Available individually, the will come in our online store, and it is the answer for unforeseen power outages in cabins, lodges, or at base camp. Because of the Yeti 400 Portable Solar Generator, you’ll not be caught at night. Use it as a backup for emergencies, as well as day-to-day for charging you products to save lots of on your electric bill.

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