Solar Powered Twinkle Lights

I bought 2 units of those lights November 2014. One ready stopped working after the first 3 days. In March 2015 the second ready ended taking care of 50 % of the sequence and so I only have working lights at the top part of my palm-tree. Once they both worked they looked great. I would personally return and ask for my money back but We already passed my 2 week return window.

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This String of 100 Light-emitting Diode Solar-Powered Fairy Lights failed to incorporate instructions. To start, the length of time do I let it sit-in the sunlight before I have it to the office? How many modes does it include? And exactly how do I get it to get results when I'm uncertain if lights are in \"on\" mode or \"off \" mode? I had to check it out to see if it performed hold a solar fee, then if it seemed so it didn't, I experienced to press the on key again and hold testing it on different times. I am still uncertain if I've got the settings correct. Today, if for example the solar lights have forfeit all their charge, you've got no clue whether or not it's probably hold/store a charge since you're regarding the wrong mode. It gets complicated and you'll need hold back until the night to see just what you have. It really is only 2 buttons however, many sequences? Unsure. I hate this thing.

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Absolutely waste of income. 17 meters long - yes, but it's not enough to cover the tree. The image ended up being wonderful, nevertheless can not do also one tree like regarding pic. In practice you'll need a minimum of four to five or maybe more strings for 1 tree to check as marketed. Another important thing: solar power battery is very effective just in great bright weather. In the event that time was cloudy the lights never offer any light, while want to strain your eyes to look at garland. First night I thought that they're do not work anymore, then I noticed that it works, but very-very poor. In contrast to Christmas lights have to be. Extremely dissatisfied.

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They're pretty lights.however, we live at 9200 ft height and within the Holidays our sunshine is rather short.this absolutely impacted the power of those lights to \"charge\" and far of that time period, just a few strands would light. They are perhaps not spouse had to fiddle using switch to cause them to come-on, and because NO DIRECTIONS come, this is somewhat trial-and-error as night dropped. However, having stated all of this, we believe that they'll certainly be pretty as sunshine and season enhance and they are most likely better suitable for a spring/summer environment (about at our altitude!) than a winter one.

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They arrived with no directions. We wear them the tree and set-up the solar element but so far they usually have maybe not worked. We have had a few sunny times nevertheless they usually do not may actually have charged because they try not to work- not really a glimmer. Im extremely disappointed in this item. I should have returned them for a refund, but initially the elements had been cloudy and I kept hoping they might sooner or later light. Looks like a complete failure. Perhaps it works in extremely sunny wintertime climates? I actually do not recommend all of them.

The lights had one major flaw which is your on/off switch is difficult to locate and also to make use of. It is under a dense plastic finish and you have to \"search\" to get the small place where you can result in the actual contact to make it off/on. But if you persist they do gather the solar light regarding the time and only stunning when you switch off other lights and therefore are welcomed by the beauty of those small angel lights. I favor the experience and might sit in the dark looking at all of them evening.

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These lights are great! We astonished our next-door neighbors prior to christmas by placing them around our tall Ocotillo therefore the second sequence wrapped round the trunk and branches of your Palo Verde tree. They charged via the small cell that is put on the risk that's put in the floor. We turned the \"on\" switch on and place them when you look at the \"flashing\" mode and waited for sunlight to set. Sure-enough...we moved outside at sunset in addition they both continued on top of that and had been breathtaking! I will be ordering more and with them in other places, too. And, yes, they are really 55 feet very long!

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These are generally tiny lights, such as the movie stars within the sky. The solar power package features 2 configurations. The lights can remain constant or twinkle off and on. I left the power on continually whilst the package ought to stay when you look at the sunshine. I entwined the lights in fir garland hung throughout the vega rimming my front porch/roof.It had been wonderful to return home from work to a fairy like lit entrance. I liked staying away from electricity. However, if front-porch light was on for some time the solar driven lights would go off. If only that I had bought multiple box. They truly are delightful!

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Here is the worst product i've ever purchased on groupon! The lights tend to be blue unclear, the settings try not to work and won't stay lit, only blinking, they run out of power within 2 hours and my house deals with south with great sunshine visibility so that the cell is within 100per cent sunshine right through the day. I would recommend that you don't buy this bad item!

Fairy Berries in the grass - LED lights with twinkly fairy
Fairy Berries in the grass - LED lights with twinkly fairy ...
Fairy Jar - Fairies in a Jar - Magical lights. Solar
Fairy Jar - Fairies in a Jar - Magical lights. Solar ...
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