Solar power panels UK

Estimated Very First Year Return:


2, 500-3, 000






3, 000-5, 000

1, 700kWh





5, 000-6, 000

2, 550kWh



£1, 320


6, 000-8, 000

3, 400kWh



£2, 080

The chart the following shows the plummeting expenses of a typical 4kW solar power system over the last few years. In 2016, rates will rise somewhat because a current EU ruling and thus contractors must pay the full 20per cent VAT on solar power panels.

Think about solar power costs someday?

While solar costs are prone to fall somewhat as time goes by, we recommend installing as soon as possible to benefit from low prices and profit from the government’s Feed-in Tariff.

The Feed-in Tariff is paid down every one-fourth. Consequently, the earlier you install, the greater the Feed-in Tariff rate your solar panels will be eligible for in addition to more you may earn.

Once your solar energy panels are put in and registered when it comes to Feed-in Tariff, you lock in that tariff price for full twenty years associated with the payments.

How much can I save your self?

You earn funds from solar energy panels in 3 ways. The federal government pays you for both the power you employ and energy you don’t usage (Feed-in tariff). You then make further savings because you are powering home with free energy.

Definitely, the more energy-efficient you may be the greater cash you will save.

Cost Savings Each Year

Income source

Savings/Earnings for installs after 15 Jan 2016




*This dining table is founded on a 4kW solar power set up utilizing data extracted from the vitality Saving Trust.

Savings Over twenty years

12 Months

Earnings/Savings for installations after 15 Jan 2016

Profit/Loss for installments after 15 Jan 2016

-£5, 984

£2, 020

-£3, 980

£4, 040

-£1, 960

£6, 060


£8, 080

*You would be paid the Feed-in tariff for twenty years. This table shows just how much you can generate and save with time based on a 4kW system an average of.

How do I start preserving?

  • 1 - Simply click your location on the map below getting your COMPLIMENTARY estimate in under 30 moments.
  • Step two - as soon as you answer some easy questions, compare estimates locally for the best price!

See if you're qualified to receive solar panel systems and get a fast quote

How do you generate income with solar power panels?

Solar panels enable you to make money within the following three ways:

Feed-in tariff price – 4.39p/kWh

Firstly, the us government will pay you the electricity you generate and make use of, this usually results in about £168 each year for the average 4kW panel. The Feed-in tariff is tax-free, index-linked and continues twenty years.

Nationwide Grid offer straight back rate – 4.85p/kWh

The government also will pay you when it comes to electrical energy you produce but don’t usage. This gets offered back again to the grid and certainly will earn you about £79 per year.

Savings on power bills

You'll also save well on your time expenses considering that the electrical energy you utilize when your panels come in usage is no-cost. This would save about £150 annually. Besides, you will be assisting the surroundings by not using as much carbon.

Feed-in Tariff Rates 2016 - 2019














Just what size solar power system do I need to get?

a diagram showing just how photovoltaic panels workIt is essential you can get just the right sized panel to satisfy your household’s needs.

One citizen and two use about the same number of energy (3, 300kW per year). A household with two children will use between 3, 300kW and 4, 500kW each year therefore will need a larger panel.

Due to the means the Feed-in tariff works the greater energy you create, the greater you will get paid. If this is important available, you could wish to invest in a more impressive panel.

This table reveals exactly what elements you should think about in a solar power comparison.

Cell Comparison Table

Brand X:


1, 400 kW

1, 500 kW

1, 600 kW


£4, 800

£5, 000

£5, 300













Yearly Return On The Investment

7.08per cent



Inexpensive Solar Panel Systems

Green Deal Finance

The Green Deal has now already been finished by the federal government without replacement. This is what the Green contract supplied:

Great britain Government launched Green Deal in 2012 – a financing method to help individuals pay money for energy-efficiency improvements to their residence like insulation, glazing and microgeneration. Installation and materials are not recharged for at the start, but repaid straight through the cost savings within power expenses. Green contract replaces the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) while the Community energy conservation Programme (CESP). To begin with your house will have to be assessed for qualifications, therefore phone the Energy preserving guidance provider on 0300 123 1234 to prepare an evaluation with a nearby Green contract representative. When assessed - while authorized - you can bring your personal Green Deal report to any subscribed Green contract company, while they can they’ll investment and complete the task obtainable.

You repay your provider with time during your electrical energy bill - your electrical energy provider passes payments straight to your Green Deal Provider. Your repayments won’t meet or exceed the savings you’re making on household expenses, and that means you basically create your repayment without experiencing the pinch. In fact, you may be better removed from the commencement.

If you offer your home before you decide to have actually paid back your supplier, this might ben’t a problem. You merely give the residual fee – and all sorts of that important energy efficiency – towards purchaser. Interest is recharged on these repayments but remains fixed throughout the repayment routine. Know that Green contract services set their very own interest levels, therefore it’s really worth getting various quotes if your wanting to settle on your supplier. Early payment is permitted on these plans also, though your provider may use a charge. Again, it is really worth looking around to determine what providers will charge just what.

Is my roof appropriate solar PV?

Most roofs tend to be.

Unless your roof is particularly shadowy or entirely north-facing, you should be fine. It's also possible to need certainly to verify that you live in a listed building or preservation area.

While south-facing roofs are ideal, east and west-facing rooftops just produce 15per cent less electricity.

You'll also need a small amount of room (generally within the attic) for your inverter. This converts the sun’s light to the energy you will use.

Solar panels can be put in so they fit around skylights alongside functions.

The length of time do solar energy panels decide to try install?

It should only take a short time, and you will certainly be in a position to generate electricity a single day after your installation is completed.

How long will my cell earn me personally money for?

Solar power panels work with about fifty many years, indicating half a hundred years of no-cost electricity.

Having a panel should make sure huge power bill savings as rates look set-to rise for the foreseeable future.

It also means that you and your family will likely to be shielded when there is an electricity shortage, because you won’t be relying on gas or electrical energy businesses, simply the sunlight.

The Feed-in tariff can last for the initial twenty years of the installation, earning you about £8, 000 over that period.

DIY Solar Panel Power from 80 WATT SOLAR PANELS to a Grid
DIY Solar Panel Power from 80 WATT SOLAR PANELS to a Grid ...
solar power panels
solar power panels
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