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Cut costs With Free Hot Water through the Sunlight

Most houses in Maine, brand new Hampshire, and Massachusetts heat their particular liquid utilizing high-mass oil boilers. All summertime these boilers must remain on, sporadically firing to heat domestic hot-water.

Solar power warm water solves this issue by giving solar-heated liquid during summertime, enabling you to:

  • Shut down your home’s boiler from May through October
  • Save 100s of gallons of oil or propane
  • Have reliable warm water throughout your home

Expert Program Design and Installation

After 12+ years installing and maintaining solar warm water methods inside harsh climates of Maine and New Hampshire, we’ve distilled our knowledge into some design concepts we think gets the greatest effectiveness and durability, because of the most affordable installation expenses.

Solar hot-water ExampleOur styles tend to be proven on the go with more than 1, 000 pleased customers in Northern brand new The united kingdomt, including tiny single enthusiast systems for retired couples, to a large number of enthusiasts that produce warm water products for gymnasiums and restaurants.

Modification Energy’s solar power thermal systems are compatible with any present liquid heating system, whether or not it’s electric, gas, or oil-fired. During our no-cost solar web site assessment one of our trained, skilled solar manufacturers will visit your home and evaluate whether solar power hot water (or an alternative high-efficiency system like a power container or heat pump hot water heater) is a great fit for your family.

Our systems featured a ‘closed-loop’ design, which means that we utilize nontoxic antifreeze that never ever comes in contact with your normal water to exchange temperature. Our systems work trouble-free through the entire winter, and so are made for automatic overheat defense so that you can leave the machine unattended during the summer without issues.

0-down, 2.99per cent financing can be acquired through ReVision’s very own Your Power solar power loan system.

Solar warm water system operation:

  1. Sunlight strikes enthusiasts on the roof, heating non-toxic antifreeze blend and triggering pump to activate.
  2. Pump moves solar-heated mix from roof into temperature exchanger located in storage container in basement, indirectly warming water-supply.wash Green Energy solar powered energy warm water Tank with Heat Exchanger This circuit goes on so long as there's temperature become harvested regarding roof.
  3. Hot-water from storage space tank pumps off to basins, showers, dishwashers, etc.
  4. Backup immediately incorporated to offer heated water during extended times of cloudy climate.

Are I a Good Candidate for Solar Heated Water?

Solar power heated water is by far many efficient liquid heating option general, however it specially is reasonable for:

  • Domiciles inefficiently heating liquid now (especially those on oil boilers; the more it costs you to definitely heat up water today, the quicker an ROI with solar power).
  • Main domiciles or houses utilized year-round (as regular or 2nd houses will usually perhaps not utilize enough water making it worth the financial investment).
  • Homes with moderate to large warm water lots (families of 4 or even more, due to the fact fuel costs of any water home heating option mount up).

Make use of our interactive solar power heated water calculator to see what type of system might work for your home:

Just what Components Drive a Solar Hot-water Program?

ReVision Energy borrows from leading European solar thermal system designs for sturdy, resistant systems designed to maintain decades of New England winters. Our solar power hot water methods tend to be a closed loop design, meaning that the fluid that passes through solar power warm water collectors never touches your drinking tap water offer (and therefore are winterized), and show the industry-accepted most readily useful rehearse of steamback design for overheating.

Not totally all solar thermal designs are made equal. Our solution is perhaps not the least expensive, however with over a decade of expertise, countless satisfied customers, and rigorous field-testing, our company is extremely confident that our solar power hot water styles feature the best value with regards to reliability and performance on the future. Listed here is a quick summary of this major components incorporated into a solar thermal task and how/why we choose all of them.

Solahart Bundaberg | Solar Power - Solar Hot Water
Solahart Bundaberg | Solar Power - Solar Hot Water
Solar Power, Solar Hot Water, Salt Water Pool
Solar Power, Solar Hot Water, Salt Water Pool
Free Energy Solar Powered Hot Water
Free Energy Solar Powered Hot Water
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