Solar power in Kentucky

System Kind Taxation Credit
Technologies Photovoltaics, Wind Energy, Solar Heated Water Heating
Quantity $3 per watt of direct current of photovoltaics, or 30% of set up charge for other methods, to $500
Required Documentation Energy savings items taxation Credit Form, available from site
Formal Website

Kentucky offers state tax credits for green power systems setup after Jan. 1, 2009. For some of these systems, such as passive solar power heated water heating, or wind power, the rebate covers up to 30 % regarding the installation costs, for any amount up to $500. For photovoltaic methods, the rebate works quite in a different way, and is computed at $3.00 for every single watt of direct-current regarding the ranked ability of this system.

For the solar power hot-water home heating to be considered, it should have a manufacturer’s warranty with a minimum of 5 years, an installer’s warranty of at least 2 yrs, and employ Solar Rating and certificates Corporation-certified enthusiasts.

When you have a photovoltaic system, it should be set up by a business certified because of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and its particular panels and inverters must be certified by Underwriter’s Laboratories and satisfy article 690 associated with National electric Code.

Performance-based Incentive
Photovoltaics, Wind Energy, Biomass

1, 000 plus $0.12/kWh over the base rate for solar photovoltaic systems and $0.03/kWh

above the retail rate for all other eligible green resources

Application form posted to neighborhood power company

If you reside in a location where utilities are supplied by one of many 91 participating power companies maintained by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), you may be eligible for a partnership system where you are able to earn discounts on your energy costs from renewable power, or make money if the green energy system produces even more power than you take in.

For those who have a photovoltaic system with an alternating electric current production between 500 W and 200 kW, and your regional power supplier participates in system, the TVA will purchase completely of the energy at $0.12 per kWh, by means of credits on your power costs, and regular payments for excess credits you get.

Business Tax Credit

Local Loan System

Private Taxation Credit

Manufacturing Incentive

Product Sales Tax Exemption

Utility Loan Program

Utility Rebate Program

Rules, Regulations & Policies

Building Energy Code

Energy Standards for Public Buildings


Web Metering

Solar Access Law/Guideline

Associated Tools & Initiatives

Alternate Fuels and Advanced Cars Information Center

The U.S. division of Energy's alternate Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center (AFDC) provides many information and sources allow the application of alternate fuels along with other petroleum-reduction choices, such advanced level automobiles, gas combinations, idle reduction and gasoline economy. The AFDC website provides a database of condition and federal guidelines and incentives regarding alternate fuels and cars, air quality, fuel efficiency, also transportation-related topics.

Kentucky Solar Panels in Kentucky Solar
Kentucky Solar Panels in Kentucky Solar
Digos Solar Power in Davao
Digos Solar Power in Davao
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