Solar power in Queensland

Clients just who sent applications for the Queensland Solar added bonus Scheme before 10 July 2012 and keep their particular qualifications can continue to receive a feed-in tariff of 44 cents.

This feed-in tariff is shut to new solar clients. The Solar incentive Scheme is legislated to expire on 1 July 2028. See marketplace feed-in tariffs in SEQ plus the Feed-in tariff for regional customers for informative data on feed-in tariff rates that apply now.


To steadfastly keep up eligibility for the 44 penny feed-in tariff rate, you need to:

  • consume less than 100 megawatt hours of electrical energy annually (the typical house uses about 6.1 megawatts per year)
  • keep an electrical energy account with an electrical energy store the premises where in actuality the photovoltaic system is put in
  • run a preexisting system this is certainly connected to the Queensland electrical energy grid in a net metered arrangement with an inverter size maybe not surpassing the capacity approved by the electrical energy supplier
  • have actually a link arrangement set up with an electricity provider
  • remain the electricity account owner when it comes to premises where in actuality the system is linked
  • ensure that title in your account doesn't change in the event that you switch to another store
  • make sure you replace any element with a like-for-like component.


You may drop eligibility for 44 penny feed-in tariff rate in the event that you:

  • move residence (as this can lead to a unique electrical energy account holder when it comes to premises)
  • offer or let your property (if this leads to a new electricity account holder the premises)
  • increase inverter ability (dimensions)
  • close your electrical energy account
  • tend to be disconnected (like, as you are not able to spend a bill or even for a breach of contract).

Be informed

Carefully think about any changes you make to your electrical energy account or solar power system. You'll keep your qualifications if you:

  • transfer your electricity account in to the name of your spouse (if you change it into other name you will definitely drop your eligibility)
  • include your partner's title on your electricity account (if you add whoever is not your partner you certainly will lose your qualifications)
  • eliminate a name from your own electricity account (however if you add a title right back onto your account and they are not your partner you will lose your qualifications)
  • add solar power panels towards system (but your system needs to be compliant utilizing the relevant Australian criteria, therefore kindly notify your electricity distributor of your objective to include panels towards system)
  • substitute your inverter with one of many exact same, or smaller dimensions (in the event that you replace it with a larger inverter, you are going to lose your eligibility).

Going or leasing your house

If you should be selling or leasing your house and there is a fresh electrical energy account owner, the new owner or tenant will not have the 44 penny advanced feed-in tariff unless the brand new owner or tenant is your spouse. They have to talk with their electrical energy store to arrange a unique feed-in tariff.

If you should be presently obtaining the 44 penny feed-in tariff while move household, you cannot take your system to you and continue steadily to get the exact same feed-in tariff.

Attempting to sell or renting a property with a small solar system

The feed-in tariff is compensated to the client that keeps the electrical energy account for the average person premises. Therefore if your premises was rented whenever you sent applications for the 44 penny premium feed-in tariff plus the electricity account was held by the tenant in those days, then tenant is obtaining the benefit of the feed-in tariff.

Notably, if you after that rent the home to a new tenant (which results in title on electrical energy account switching) after that eligibility the 44 cent tariff will lapse from day when the account title modifications.

Attempting to sell or leasing a property with a sizable solar power system

If you function something of greater than 5 kilowatts and your electrical energy comes by Ergon Energy, you should know that changing the electricity account up to anybody other than your partner means that 44 cent feed-in tariff lapses. It will likewise imply that this new account holder (brand-new owner or tenant) will not receive the mandated regional feed-in tariff because eligibility is limited to methods around 5kW in proportions.

The brand new owner or tenant and certainly will should discuss a voluntary feed-in tariff due to their electrical energy retailer if they create their electricity take into account the home.

Lost your eligibility?

In a few conditions, name modifications on an electricity account could cause a client become taken off the Solar Bonus Scheme in mistake. It's important you check your electricity costs after any account changes to guarantee the proper feed-in tariff is being used.

If you were to think this has taken place, reference your electrical energy provider's web site or contact them for information about the method for an assessment. If you've been taken out of the 44 penny tariff improperly, the distributor will restore and backdate the tariff.

A few modifications have been made to your Solar added bonus Scheme because it began in 2008. The Solar Bonus Scheme guide (PDF, 314.9KB) provides detailed information on the real history and guidelines associated with 44 penny advanced feed-in tariff.

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