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SINGAPORE: Solar energy as an alternative source of power is taking off in Singapore, aided by the Government pushing to raise its use.

The vast majority of electricity used in Singapore presently comes from burning up non-renewable fossil fuels. Just under 1 % of it is contributed by solar technology. The goal is to boost this to around 20 percent by 2050, thought to the Solar Energy analysis Institute of Singapore (SERIS).

But land scarcity is an issue, & most solar energy panels are currently put in on rooftops.

National liquid agency PUB had launched on Monday (Nov 23) that it is studying the feasibility of using the sunlight's power at its reservoirs, plus land-based services. This is conducted by a consortium led by WEnergy Global.

"The aim is to lower the fossil fuel dependency for the grid and swap that with the clean resource, so the carbon footprint of Singapore while the carbon impact of an organization, that is PUB, is decreased, " stated Mr Atem Ramsundersingh, CEO for the consortium.

"we will begin with a listing - a study of all the web sites, the buildings in addition to reservoirs of PUB, ” he explained. “What we does is to be sure that we understand the data, the technical areas of both buildings therefore the reservoirs to see what will be the capabilities of solar powered energy methods that could be put in.

“Based thereon, we're going to provide a workplan as to how we should move around in the following months, furthering our technical evaluation and financial economic analysis, then we're going to ensure currently a timeline for PUB to implement the tasks that satisfy PUB's criteria."


“Solar energy sources are the only supply and option of renewable power for Singapore, ” added Dr Thomas Reindl, Deputy CEO of Seris. “Other kinds like hydroelectric energy, wind generators and geothermal energy are not feasible due to the fact nation does not have the area and normal infrastructure like a significant river system. Moving from main-stream energy generation to a renewable-based power system will have different benefits like reducing carbon-dioxide emissions.”

Another push to modify to solar energy is price.

"there has been dramatic reduction in the price of solar modules and solar methods over the past five to eight years and from now on solar technology is expense competitive with main-stream power, the instance of Singapore and in a great many other nations on the planet, ” stated Dr Reindl. “This has actually generated the situation that we now have new business models coming up, if you have a large rooftop, if you should be who owns a factory or a commercial facility therefore want to be green, you don't need to make use of your own money along with your very own funds to install the system."

The business enterprise model is called solar power leasing, where a solar business pays the installation and maintenance prices of solar power panels. Building owners after that spend the business when it comes to electricity created because of the solar system.

One company is Sunseap. It recently inked a cope with Apple to-be the force behind the technology giant's proceed to get 100 per cent solar. In 2016, Apple's primary university and brand new retail store in Singapore should be powered by the surplus power produced by Sunseap's solar panel systems.

The panels are put in on roofs around 800 structures across Singapore, nevertheless organization acknowledged that even rooftops are getting to be increasingly inaccessible.

Stated the director of Sunseap Frank Phuan: "Solar is contending along with other equipment on rooftops, so area has become increasingly more scarce. We are examining other alternate areas, such as, the facade regarding the building as opposed to rooftops as well as on liquid bodies. This is surely something which the federal government is proactively considering. For all of us, it offers another channel of options for solar companies like ours, to check out where we can generate this solar power from."

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