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Enough sunshine strikes the usa each day to provide for your world’s electrical energy requirements. Taking advantage of this clean, renewable and very offered resource could put Americans accountable for their electrical requirements. While devastating storms continues to ravage the nation, Americans could potentially steer clear of the electric blackouts left inside their wake.

Visiting the aid of home-owners seeking both lower regular debts and reliable house energy solutions, Solar Direct offers customers the Solar Freedom™ Package Starter system, an All-In-One entry-level solar photovoltaic (PV) package, combining instant energy back-up, regular month-to-month energy cost savings in addition to lasting power to develop your home solar system into complete energy-independence.

Benefits of PV Energy Techniques

  • Solar powered energy methods lower your bills and insulate you against energy price hikes and cost volatility considering fluctuating energy costs
  • Solar increases home value and house resale opportunities
  • Buy of a solar powered energy system allows you to make the most of offered taxation and monetary incentives
  • Solar electric methods are peaceful, dependable, fossil-fuel no-cost
  • Unlike mobile power generators, avoids Greenhouse gasoline emissions

Base Item Components

Photovoltaic Panels
A 3 panel system composed of 550 watt-hours enough for operating choose home appliances in “survival mode”.

PS1-3000 Inverter

  • 3000VA Vented Inverter
  • Battery-based Power Back-up - AGM Batteries
  • MX60 Charge Controller
  • Real Sinewave Production
  • CEC certified 91% Performance Inverter
  • Zero AC Watts Consumed at Night
  • Established Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • 16 Millisecond AC Transfer Turn
  • Type 3R Rainproof Enclosure
  • Several Anti-Islanding Safeguards
  • Standard 5-year Warranty

1. SOLAR PV PANELS convert sunlight instantly into DC electrical power. With a PV (photovoltaic) system, your house will operate also during a utility power outage.

2. INVERTER converts DC energy into standard AC power for use in the house, synchronizing with energy power when the electrical grid is circulating electrical energy

3. BATTERIES (contained in the Inverter) supply power during a computer program outage. Photovoltaic panels continues to re-charge batteries every day to keep battery charge.

4. UTILITY ENERGY is instantly offered during the night and
during the day if the demand surpasses your solar power electrical power manufacturing. Energy meter really spins backwards whenever solar power manufacturing surpasses house need, enabling you to credit any excess electrical energy against future utility bills.

5. HOUSE BREAKER package Existing electrical panel directs solar power electricity and energy capacity to lots (appliances) inside your home.

6. KITCHEN APPLIANCES watt use differs. Predicated on a 6 sunshine hours a day of sunshine, a Solar Freedom Starter Kit™ can supply: Refrigerator 500 watts 5 hours, TV 150 watts .75 hour, lamp 60 watts 1 hour, broadcast 1 watt 10 hrs, Microwave 600 watts .25 hour

How exactly does it Work?

The Solar Freedom™ Starter Kit converts sunshine into DC electricity with the use of solar panels (PV Modules). After that, the DC electrical energy is provided through inverter which changes it into utility-grade AC electrical energy to run your property. Sometimes, your house will demand more electrical energy than the system provides while the excess need is filled because of the utility organization. However, whenever less electrical energy is required compared to the system is creating, the excess are fed (or offered) back to the energy. In the case of a blackout, the Solar Freedom™ Starter system utilizes its unique battery back-up to keep to provide minimal electrical energy to your house.

Part or perhaps the whole home load is powered via the inverter attached to the current household circuit breaker box. Usually, heavy power usage devices such as air-conditioners, electric home heating, electric stoves, temperature pumps and electric hot-water heaters are remaining working entirely on the utility energy. The unit are seen as non-critical during a computer program outage due to their high instantaneous energy and daily energy consumption, putting a huge burden on the system inverter and energy storage space battery pack bank during a software application failure. In the eventuality of a computer program power outage, power will be lost on “big”, non-critical lots. Simultaneously, the inverter will need over-supply toward “dedicated” loads, providing with power through to the energy power is restored.

So What Does It Do?

The Solar Freedom™ Starter system has the capacity to run your home in “critical mode” for 3 days during a violent storm or other electric outage. For example, the Solar Freedom Starter Kit can operate an energy-efficient fridge for 24 hours/day, keepin constantly your food fresh. It may simultaneously run a TV for 45 minutes/day and a-clock radio for 10 hours, keepin constantly your family members in communication aided by the world. Besides, a microwave over could be run for quarter-hour, providing your household with 2-3 hot dishes.

During typical operating periods, the system will continue to supply your home with extra power even though the electric businesses return online. This can enable you to continually hold monthly utility bills in order.
The table below demonstrates typical appliances for the home that can be sustained by Solar Freedom™ when operating your home in “power outage” survival mode. As system is upgradeable, more solar power segments (and residence appliance support) is added as time passes, to aid up to 3000 Watts of electricity use a day.

Sample Appliance “Critical Use” Patterns sustained by the base Solar Freedom™ Starter Kit (550 Watts of solar-based electricity)*

Primary Consumption

Normal Watts

Consumption 1

Use 2

Standard Ice Box


twenty four hours**

Energy-Efficient Refrigerator


a day***

25-inch shade television

45 minutes

7 hours

One lamp


an hour

10h hours

Clock radio

10 hours

Small Microwave Oven


15 min

*Appliances and consumption time differs; table considering 6 sunlight hours a day. Power backup with no sunshine averages 3 times.

**Standard ice box use according to a lower life expectancy operating heat during energy outages; overall performance may be increased by simply making ice obstructs before outage for thermal storage.

***SunFrost super-efficient fridge operating under typical conditions.


By purchasing a Solar Freedom™ Starter Kit, you're immediately enrolled in Solar Direct’s Frequent E-Buyer Award system. Points can be applied toward extra photovoltaic add-on purchases also toward solar power liquid heating and solar power pool home heating expenditures. Demand details.

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