Solar Powered Radiant Heat

Domestic warm water and Space warming With long-term Passive Heat Storage

Here is the most effective associated with the Radiantec home heating systems. It is a "hybrid" system that combines the most effective options that come with "active" and "passive" technologies while leaving behind their respective drawbacks.


A substantial benefit of the Solar solution we system usually it's effective at satisfying the majority of of a domestic type building's home heating requires, in rather challenging climates. Another advantage is exceptionally high performance that very low operating conditions entail. "Substantial improvements were noted in system effectiveness, efficiency, preliminary price and architectural freedom. An increase in collector performance results in less solar panel systems, lowered expenses, and simpler design integration into accepted building types. A sizable thermal size, incorporated in the building's framework provides extended solar power storage space, radiant comfort and additional decreased prices."

-Report to US division of Energy
1983 (DOE/CE15140-T)

The Solar Option I does apply to brand new slab on level structures. It uses the dwelling's inherent capacity to keep heat power and therefore must be developed in from the beginning.

Radiant HeatingOPERATION

The sunlight will shine upon 7 or higher solar enthusiasts. Solar technology would be kept within an 120 gallon solar power storage container for domestic heated water and within a 2' dense slab and compacted earth bed for long-lasting area home heating storage.

A very big thermal closet is created with slab on level building. The storage space includes the slab it self or more to two foot of compacted sand or gravel. The storage space information might have hardly any or no extra expense based upon insulation. Despite reports towards the contrary, there aren't any annualizing benefits, or storage space that carries over from period to season.

wood house
The very big thermal storage space, whenever combined to solar power collectors produces high solar power enthusiast effectiveness, a potential for high solar power heating fractions, reasonable very first price and very great expense benefits, all within a startling simple design.
Installation within joisted floors

Installation in a joisted floor is simple in new building and is additionally a straightforward retrofit in an existing house if you have accessibility your floor joists from below. The wooden floor system won't shop the maximum amount of power as a slab system, however it can still shop significant temperature and can cause a really comfortable and cozy floor.

Domestic hot-water plus radiant-heat

The solar domestic water heater is itself a stylish alternative. It's not constantly convenient to offer the very huge temperature storage space mass that is used using Solar solution One. Also, it is not always feasible to put in many solar energy panels. In such cases, a domestic hot-water heater with a supplemental home heating potential can have price. When a less intense storage size can be used, particularly a topping slab over plywood, or porcelain flooring tiles and on occasion even a consistent lumber flooring system, a floor system can still supply appreciable advantage.

kid sitting on warm flooring. sunshine Driveway with snowfall melted from it.
Lennox Heat Pump - Solar Powered XP17-042 by Complete
Lennox Heat Pump - Solar Powered XP17-042 by Complete ...
My solar powered heater - Free heat
My solar powered heater - Free heat
Solar Powered Radiant Heating Device Melts Snow and Ice on
Solar Powered Radiant Heating Device Melts Snow and Ice on ...
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