Cost of solar power plant in India

Rs 3.5 per kWh may be the ACTUAL cost of solar power from your roof

Guess what happens?

The mention rooftop solar powered energy becoming pricey is perhaps all bunkum.

And I also will reveal why.

Let us think about having a rooftop solar energy plant. I will be thinking about a grid-tied roof solar power plant, a system that does not have a battery included. Why are I excluding a battery? Simple – not many, if any medium or large-scale roof solar power installments are able battery packs regardless of if they require them. So, let’s perhaps not complicate issues right here.

OK, to duplicate, we're dealing with grid-tied roof solar energy plant.

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Here are the actual costs for putting up a rooftop solar power plant. I've taken a 1 kW solar power plant for illustration. As solar energy plants tend to be standard, these data ought to be the same for almost any measurements of solar power plant.

Total price of solar powered energy plant is lower than Rs 1 lac per kW

  • Breakup (Rs/kW)
  • Cost of panels – 40, 000
  • Price Of installing frameworks – 12, 000
  • Price Of inverter – 10, 000
  • Various components – cables, combiner field – 10, 000
  • Installation price and integrator margin – 15, 000

Complete cost of a 1 kW solar power plant = Rs 87, 000, say Rs 90, 000

Could there be any replacement costs for such an electrical plant? Really, yes. While inverters can without a doubt live for 25 many years, we'll once more conservatively just take one replacement for the inverter within the 25 12 months duration.

Hence, adding another Rs 10 K to Rs 90, 000, you obtain a circular few Rs 1 lac per kW whilst the money price, the majority of it invested upfront.

Here are the devices a solar energy system can create, in many components of India. Take note that i'm using approximate numbers for score in the long run, but these figures tend to be conservative and generally are less than exactly what a solar power system can in fact provide over 25 many years.

Complete products produced per year:

  • Years 1-5 – 1, 400, total of 7, 000 products (100percent ranked ability)
  • Years 6-10 – 1, 300, total of 6, 500 products (92per cent ranked capability)
  • Many years 11-15 – 1, 200, total of 6, 000 units (85percent rated capacity)
  • Years 16-20 – 1, 100, total of 5, 500 devices (78% ranked ability)
  • Many years 21-25 – 1, 000, total of 5, 000 devices (71percent ranked capability)
  • Total number of devices created over 25 many years: 30, 000

Records about the above figures:

  • As previously mentioned earlier, in reality, I’m becoming traditional on rated capacities as good high quality solar panel systems don't have a lot of derating, and have a lot higher rated capabilities than provided above. An excellent quality solar panel at the conclusion of the 25th year will continue to have over 80percent associated with rated ability
  • We've been conservative on price besides. A high quality solar energy system today can cost even slightly below Rs 90, 000 per kW, but we have conservatively taken it as Rs. 90, 000 per kW
  • And, we now have perhaps not considered accelerated decline advantage either, though its really and certainly appropriate to solar powered energy flowers whenever used by lucrative organizations
  • Finally, we've been conservative on capital subsidies – we have taken NO government subsidies within the above calculation

Based on the preceding table:

Final number of units produced by 1 kW solar panel systems within the 25 year duration = 30, 000

Complete capital price of the 1 kW solar system: Rs 1 lac

Total operations and upkeep cost over life time: minimal

While using the overhead, the price per product of electricity created = Rs 1 lac / 30, 000 = Rs 3.33

Folks, there are not any concealed prices which are lacking when you look at the above calculations.

If at all something, we have been traditional.

To satisfy the financial accountant in you whom desires to factor possibility expenses etc., I will amply add another 10% towards the cost. Another 30 paise, and therefore brings it to about Rs 3.6 per device.

Rs 3.6 per device of electrical energy. That is that.

When you have maybe not currently got what I have always been operating at, here it's simple and easy simple

Solar from your own roof is cheaper than grid energy, correct these days. Make that goddamned cheaper.

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