Small solar power plants

How will you prevent greater electrical power costs?
By trading into a tiny solar powered energy plant on the roofing into the amount of 10, 000 EUR, hence saving and profiting a minimum of 31, 000 EUR in three decades!

Next couple of years, we're going to never be able to prevent greater electrical power prices in Slovenia – be sure to discover a far more step-by-step explanation here! Nevertheless, you can are able to mainly stay away from these cost increases as well as earn some cash as you do so. Exactly how? By setting-up a tiny solar power plant on the roof of your house, that you require a south-facing 40 m2 roofing area.

This particular a 5 kW solar powered energy plant costs about 10, 000 EUR without VAT. If you utilize 60% of power for your personal requirements and sell 40per cent to the electric grid, you may make 800 EUR annually, considering existing prices and deducting all associated costs.

With a 3percent escalation in energy rates, earn up to 21, 300 EUR…
Assuming that electrical power prices is only going to rise with a 3percent annual rate, you will end up remaining with approximately 12, 500 EUR in 15 years, where time you will obtain federal government help, and approximately 21, 300 EUR in 30 years, that is in addition the lifespan regarding the power plant.

With a 5percent rise in energy prices, make to 31, 000 EUR…
And when we believe that electrical power prices will increase with a 5% yearly price, you'll be remaining with roughly 13, 650 EUR in fifteen years and more or less 31, 000 EUR in three decades.

There's a higher probability that electrical power costs will rise more rapidly, particularly in the initial few years, which also means that this little solar powered energy plant can help you conserve more.

Details in regards to the economic computations in connection with set up of a small solar energy plant on your own roof

If you want to

  • take advantage of the limitless energy of this sun,
  • reduce your month-to-month energy costs
  • making revenue,

give us a call or fill out a form and we'll discover the most suitable answer for your roof!

How could you avoid greater electrical power costs?
Save and earn money with your tiny solar power plant
The average Slovene household melts away to 4000 to 5000 kWh of electric power annually, which is why it presently uses between 50 and 63 EUR per month. If you choose to create a 5kW solar powered energy plant in your roof, this plant will create more or less 5, 500kWh of electrical power each year. In other words, this plant would let you allow for your entire energy requirements. But because the solar powered energy plant just works through the day, a whole lot more therefore in summer compared to winter months, particular periods will discover a power energy surplus as well as other might find a shortage. As a result, you need to remain attached to the energy grid, from where energy will undoubtedly be acquired throughout the shortage duration, and throughout the surplus duration it will be possible to market your excess to your grid.

From a technical point of view, installing energy storage electric batteries will let you disconnect through the energy grid. However, this option would be nonetheless very costly because the system should be dimensioned for winter season times, that have the fewest range sunny days and therefore the best electric power production, in order for there is certainly adequate electric power also during this period.

From an economic standpoint, this will make the initial answer much more affordable, specifically the combination regarding the solar power plant together with energy grid.

Detail by detail financial overview
This type of a 5 kW solar powered energy plant costs about 10, 000 EUR without VAT. If you make use of 60percent for the power on your own requirements and sell 40percent into the electrical grid, you will save about 420 EUR annually (35 EUR month-to-month) when spending your power bills, considering present costs. In addition to this, additionally, you will receive running federal government assistance in annual number of 450 EUR + VAT (in the event that you install the plant in October of the 12 months) for all of this energy you create, and a 40percent power excess may be offered towards the grid for 120 EUR + VAT annually. Consequently, this plant would help you make 990 EUR without VAT in the 1st year alone.

However, there would be some expenses associated with this plant as you need certainly to register your task using Agency associated with the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and associated solutions (AJPES) should you want to sell electrical energy as well as safeguard and insure the plant. But these costs never meet or exceed 200 EUR on a yearly basis. The maintenance and insurance coverage of plant costs up to 100 EUR together with bookkeeping prices for your activity will add up to around 100 EUR. A Energy Act that's become followed this autumn introduces an exception for many who just registered the production of electrical energy from renewable energy sources, in order that this task doesn't require all of them to pay contributions for your retirement and health insurance if they are utilized elsewhere or tend to be resigned.

Taking into account present electrical energy prices, this plant will therefore offer you 800 EUR yearly. Let's assume that electrical power prices will only increase with a 3per cent annual price, you will be remaining with around 12, 500 EUR in fifteen years, where time you will receive government help, and roughly 21, 300 EUR in 30 years, which is additionally the lifespan of the power plant.

And if we believe that electrical power prices will increase with a 5% annual price, you will be kept with around 13, 650 EUR in fifteen years and approximately 31, 000 EUR in 30 years.

There is certainly increased likelihood that electric power prices will rise even more rapidly, especially in 1st couple of years, which implies that this small solar energy plant will allow you to save even more. It should be stressed that a solar power-plant could also be helpful you decrease CO2 emissions to the environment.

The reason why can we expect an imminent considerable upsurge in electric power rates in Slovenia?

The simple truth is that electrical power prices will dramatically increase in Slovenia next few years! At first, this statement is wholly wrong because energy prices have actually really
already been reducing in the past 12 months. But there are certain reasons which speak in support of the fact a substantial boost in electric power costs is expected soon. We summarized all of them into four points.

What exactly are you actually spending along with your electricity costs?
Electric power prices are consists of the price tag on electrical power, power grid charges, the need cost, excise task, the green origin share, the share the building of this electrical power use efficiency, and value added tax. For an average home, the portion of energy usage sums to only about 38% associated with whole electrical energy bill, whereas the residual 62% include the demand charge, power grid fees, efforts, excise task, and income tax.
Although the energy prices indeed decreased in past times 12 months, this reduction just affected 38percent of the entire bill, and all associated with other elements, which comprise most of the bill, were increasing, even more therefore than they'll certainly be inside years to come.

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