Solar power plant design

Find out the look basics of photovoltaic projects. Gain knowledge and skills from engineers with real-life experience with solar energy and electric delivery areas. You will understand solar power plant components and PV modules; DC system and AC enthusiast design; civil and geotechnical problems; and interconnection to distribution as well as the volume energy grid.

People a new comer to the field of solar energy and the ones in need of a refresher may benefit by going to this course, including:

  • Green energy designers
  • Electric utility design or planning engineers
  • Power system dispatchers
  • Consulting engineers
  • Task managers
  • Managers of design departments
  • Engineering specialists

Energy from the Sunlight

  • Solar irradiance axioms
  • Way of measuring merit for incident solar
  • Why is an area great?
  • Facets influencing event power
  • Diurnal/seasonal structure of incident power

Solar Power Assessment

  • Solar insolation mapping
  • Standards
  • Doubt and “bankability”
  • Data collection and evaluation
  • Reports and graphs

Energy Generation and Delivery Principles

  • Power system basics
  • Conversion of DC to AC
  • Energy circulation analysis example
  • Genuine and reactive energy
  • Power system operation, control and security

Photovoltaic Principles

  • Semiconductors and photovoltaic effect
  • A brief overview regarding the improvement PV cells
  • Cell products: mono- and poly-crystalline silicon, cadmium telluride,


  • Makeup of solar energy panels from solar cells
  • Conversion performance

Solar Plant Components and Summary

  • Plant design and optimization
  • Solar panel systems and racks
  • DC electric contacts
  • Inverter block with step-up transformer
  • AC collection
  • Power plant settings and grid integration functions

Solar Cells and Modules

  • Current-irradiance and voltage-temperature relationships
  • Power-current commitment and maximum power point
  • Incidence direction
  • Electric aftereffect of shading
  • Hot spots and by-pass diodes
  • Reliability, screening, and spectral reaction

DC System Design

  • Panel sizing for web site circumstances
  • Connecting panels as a sequence
  • String preparation and layout
  • String DC combo amounts
  • DC cabling to inverter
  • DC system protection
  • Losses within strings

Inverter and Power Control

  • The inverter while the heart associated with the energy block
  • Inverter gear and modules
  • DC contacts from re-combiner
  • Making the most of power collect through DC current control
  • AC current regulation the real deal and reactive power

AC Collector System

  • Collector system review and single-line
  • Collector design and installation
  • Load circulation modeling and sizing of conductors
  • Inverters and step-up transformers
  • System grounding factors
  • Reactive energy and harmonic filters

Civil and Geotechnical Dilemmas

  • Geotechnical investigations: website planning and earthworks, foundation considerations
  • Ground-mount foundation solutions, rammed posts, helicals, or surface screws; ballast systems
  • Design lots: dead loads; wind, snowfall, and seismic areas; adfreeze considerations
  • Racking set up
  • Panel installation, contacts, and wiring
  • Dimension of soil thermal resistivity

Interconnection of Renewable Energy Plants using the Electrical Grid

  • Interconnection agreements and scientific studies
  • Grid rules
  • Disruption ride-through
  • Post-fault data recovery
  • Solar plant modeling in energy system analyses
  • Cloud transients, ramp prices, together with case for energy storage

Connection of Distributed PV Solar Devices

  • Marketplace drivers of roof PV devices
  • Effects of rooftop PV devices on a distribution feeder: voltage considerations, harmonics, feeder ampacity limits
  • Distribution feeder PV “hosting” restrictions

Bulk Power Program Considerations

  • IEEE 1547 and “Smart Inverters”
  • Growing needs for low voltage trip through: emerging needs for voltage / power element control, condition and changes in the typical
  • Altering load curves considering solar variability

Director, Energy Program Studies

Dave Mueller, PE, is Director of energy System Studies for EnerNex in Knoxville, Tennessee. For more than twenty years, he's worked on numerous energy system jobs to examine and solve power quality dilemmas for professional, commercial, and energy customers. Mueller worked on electrical power dilemmas on “both edges associated with the meter” as he has also done numerous projects for electric resources. From 1993 to 1995, he lived in Nottingham, The united kingdomt, and began the ability Quality Services group for East Midlands Electricity. From 1998 to 2001, he assisted PowerGrid Singapore to build up their particular energy quality capabilities. He has got additionally consulted with utilities in U.S., Asia, Malaysia, and Canada to their power high quality concerns. He got a BSEE from University of Cincinnati, and a Master of Engineering from electrical power Engineering Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Mitch Bradt, PE, is an engineer and educator who loves to see pupils "get it." He has got two decades of experience into the areas of aerospace and energy. Their responsibilities have diverse from aircraft electric systems, to energy system defensive relaying, to wind farm enthusiasts, and teaching and curriculum development during these tend to be associated areas.

Alex Panchula got his BS in Physics and Mathematics and a BA in English from Iowa State University in 1996 and Ph.D. in used Physics from Stanford University in 2003. Panchula is the Director of Prediction, Performance and Field Reliability tracking teams. Their team accounts for building and validating technology and performance models to be able to understand and predict the energy production of PV energy flowers. He's got also been a lecturer at San Jose State University, teaching photovoltaic systems and it has co-authored over 30 magazines inside areas of correlated electron behavior, magnetized established memory and photovoltaics.

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