Camping solar power systems



Light camp together with path.

Not be left at nighttime inside tent or regarding the trail with a variety of tough LED flashlights and chainable lanterns.

Light any situation with 250 lumens of bright Light-emitting Diode light, or make use of the dimmable, DuaLite™ Directional Lighting feature to increase runtime. Recharge from USB, exterior solar power or even the included hand crank. The Lighthouse 250 includes a built-in USB interface to power little handheld products to keep you attached to the ones whom matter many. The Lighthouse 250 Lantern & USB Power Hub is the only lantern you will need.
Lumens: 250
Run Time: 2.5 - 48 Hours
Power Production: USB

Get the most trustworthy disaster LED light for just about any circumstance with all the Torch 250 Flashlight. Integrated USB recharging cable, solar panel and hand crank for brilliant light everywhere. Red light for problems, and USB interface to charge your phone.

  • Multiple Light choices for Every Situation utilize as a flashlight, floodlight or red disaster light. Save very well power with brilliant and half-bright settings.
  • Recharge everywhere integrated USB recharging cable, solar power and hand-crank for light anywhere. Durable, rugged construction.
  • Stay associated During an Outage Integrated USB slot costs phones and increases tablets to remain linked. Durable, higher level lithium battery.
Lumens: 250
Operate Time: 7 - 48 Hours
Lumens: 20
Operate Time: 2-3 Hours
Recharge Time: 10 Hours

Brilliant LED light with 350 Lumens, and flexible tone for lantern or concentrate light. Plus high/low environment and incorporated cord makes this the most wonderful light for every single adventure.

Multipurpose Light
Flexible color design for wide area light or warm lantern light with high/low settings. Perfect for an outdoor camp or inside a tent.
Easy to Hang, Chain and Store
Built-in carabiner and magnets so it's quick to hold anywhere. Chainable with to 8 lanterns. Features convenient cable storage.
Power from Goal Zero Battery Power and Solar Generators
Low-power draw for longer runtimes. Requires a Sherpa Power Pack or Yeti Solar Generator.

Lumens: 350
Energy Production: 4.5W
Power from: Sherpa or Yeti
  • Dimmable, Dual LED Light change brightness and path for extended runtimes, around 500 hours on reasonable. Fold-down legs for optimum light dispersion. Integrated hook and magnets for functional installation.
  • Charge Phones along with other USB equipment integrated 1A USB interface with 3, 000mAh battery pack for approximately one complete phone fee.
  • Recharge everywhere, Anytime switch on from Goal Zero Nomad solar energy panels, plug into any USB slot with all the built-in charging you cable, or swap out of the inner battery with an extra 18650 Goal Zero power.
Lumens: 210
Operate Time: 4 - 500+ Hours

Brilliant mini USB light with 110 Lumens, and collapsible diffuser for lantern or location light. Chainable LED light that sets perfect with any Goal Zero recharger. Plus additional coloured shades are available to fit any adventure.

Bright and lightweight, 110 lumens capable of lighting up a tent. Collapsible diffuser for soft or spot light. Chainable with around 4 lights. Carabiner included for hanging.
Low-powered draw for durable light from any USB port, including Goal Zero rechargers.

Lumens: 110
Energy Production: 1.75W
Energy from:
satellite system update well camping off solar power unit
satellite system update well camping off solar power unit ...
Solar Power Camping!!
Solar Power Camping!!
Solar Power System
Solar Power System
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