Designing a solar power system

Want a fundamental technical comprehension of solar PV project terminology? Keep Reading…

If you’re a seasoned installer, not one for this information should be a new comer to you. If you’re fresh to solar power, it's going to be helpful. But bear in mind, we’ll be skimming the top.

We’re going to start out with the basic terms. This will be significant for design since you need to comprehend the concepts before starting using real numbers to a design. It will also assistance with product sales given that it will allow you to describe some basic terms to fascinated clients.

Performing good quality and efficient site visits is totally vital towards the popularity of profitable solar power jobs, specifically residential projects! You should be in a position to capture the important information to at least one) quote the machine correctly 2) design the project and 3) inform the installation team what to anticipate. An efficient website see process will induce smooth functions and lucrative tasks while complex procedure can lead to unprofitable tasks and plenty of confusion.


Energy is an AMOUNT of energy. It’s the measurement of energy, measured in kilowatts (kW). Energy is assessed right away. The majority of the sizing done in photovoltaic design; conductors, inverters, fuses, the size of the solar power prices will be based upon simply how much energy will likely be moving through a specific component of the system. Because energy is measured right away, it could vary commonly with time and from moment to min.

Power (watts) = current (Amps) X voltage (volts)


Energy sources are the could be the actual work done by energy. It is measure in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Consumers buy kWh. It’s a measure of energy in the long run.

Power (kW) X Time (hours) = Energy (kWh)


Electricity could be the movement of negatively recharged electrons. The current may be the quantity of negatively charged electrons in a particular section of a circuit.

Many individuals believe it is useful to utilize a liquid analogy when speaking about electric terms. In the water example, it is helpful to consider a dam with a pipe at the end that water-can flow away from. The actual quantity of liquid that will move across a slice for the pipeline, this means the location of this cross section associated with pipe, is analogous to electric energy.


Current is a way of measuring the ‘force’ or ‘pressure’ associated with household current in a circuit. It’s sized in volts. Electrons of the identical material WANT to be homogeneous, for example. they would like to be uniformly disseminate. Thus, if an individual area has less electrons after that another, the electrons will move around in an endeavor to equalize. This circulation is really what created a voltage potential and causes electrons to maneuver.

To make use of the water example with a dam. In the event that measurements of the pipeline in the bottom of a dam is a measure of present, the level associated with dam is a measure of current. The higher water is one on side of the dam versus others, the greater amount of stress there is.


Electrical Resistance may be the opposition for the circulation of electricity through a conductor. It doesn't reduce the present movement of electrons (exactly how many electrons you can find inside circuit) nonetheless it does reduce the voltage (how quickly they’re going, remember the dam instance). It's calculated in ohms.

Voltage fall (volts) = existing (amps) X Resistance (ohms)

Series Circuit

A series circuit is when one negative and positive of each energy source or appliance, are connected collectively.

Bear in mind, ACTIVE is continual and Voltage ADDS in series circuits.

Parallel Circuit

In a synchronous circuit, all the positives are connected collectively in addition to unfavorable are connected together, each split.

In synchronous circuits, CURRENT ADDS and voltage stays constant.

AC Active

AC identifies alternating electric current. It means electric methods where voltage and present are constantly switching between positive and negative. A total “cycle” is completed when whenever existing reaches returns to either the top, or trough regarding the revolution. Regularity is assessed in Hertz (Hz) and is assessed in quantity of cycles per second. The ability in the usa is run at 60 Hz.

DC Current

DC means direct-current. DC is the sort of electrical energy where in fact the current and existing stay constant as time passes. Typical DC applications tend to be batteries, solar power modules, and wind turbines.

Calculating and Correcting Solar Resource


Irradiance could be the number of solar radiation dropping on a particular area at any given time. It's a RATE. It’s a measure of POWER, in that it is an instantaneous term that doesn't start thinking about time. Remember the difference between energy and energy.

Its assessed in watts per square meter.


Irradiation is a way of measuring solar technology, the actual quantity of irradiance that drops on an area with time.

Irradiation is calculated in kWh / square meter / day.

Irradiation ended up being previously called insolation.

Solar technology in the US

The below images indicates that number of solar power irradiation that falls on the different surfaces throughout the United States based typical environment situations.

Horizontal Tilt

The tilt direction from sunlight may be the perspective through the horizon towards sunlight. Photovoltaic segments will produce many power if the sunshine is shining directly onto all of them, from a 90 level angle. Thus, everything else equal, for fixed PV modules the best tilt perspective is the same as the latitude for the site. For instance, if the PV site is at 44 N, the very best tilt would be 44 levels. But many roofs and and commercial racking are not at 44 levels, and that means you must use correction aspects for jobs which are not at perfect tilts. We will talk about this in a later article.

Power Systems Simulations
Power Systems Simulations
Solar Installer
Solar Installer
Solar Power Systems-Khuzdar Pakistan
Solar Power Systems-Khuzdar Pakistan
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