Small cabin solar power system

protect 20-30percent Off Cabin Solar Kits With Silicon Solar

Load Evaluation Calculator

If you are unsure of just how much energy you employ on a daily basis, you need to use the proper execution below to calculate your energy needs.

Projected Device Electrical Consumption Dining Table

The figures here are estimated, for the best results you should utilize the rankings yourself devices

Device Watts Central Ac 5000 Electric Blanket 200 Hedge Trimmer 450 Electrical Clothing Dryer 3400 Shaver 15 Weed Eater 500 Oven 3000 Waterpik 100 1/4" Drill 250 Hair Dryer 1538 Really Pump (1/3-1 HP) 480 - 1200 1/2" Drill 750 Dishwasher 1200 - 2400 Laptop Computer 60 - 250 1" Drill 1000 Coffeemaker 1500 Plasma TV 339 9" Disc Sander 1200 Microwave 1500 LCD TELEVISION 213 3" Belt Sander 1000 Popcorn Popper 1400 25" Color TV 150 12" Chain Saw 1100 Toaster Oven 1200 19" Colors television 70 14" Band Saw 1100 Hot Dish 1200 12" Ebony n White TV 20 7-1/4" Circular Saw 900 Iron 1100 Stereo 10 - 30 8-1/4" Circular Saw 1400 Toaster 1100 Satellite Dish 30 Ice Box / Freezer** Microwave 500 - 1500 Radiotelephone - Receive 5 20 cubic ft (AC) Cabin Solar program Financing1411 wh/day Area Ac Unit 1100 Radiotelephone - Send 40 - 150 16 cubit ft (AC) 1200 wh/day Vacuum Cleaner 500 Lights Fridge Hot Water Heater 479 100W Incandescent Bulb 100 15 cubic ft (Upright) 1240 wh/day Sink Spend Disposal 450 25W CFL Bulb 28 15 cubic ft (Chest) 1080 wh/day Espresso Machine 360 50W DC Incandescent Bulb 50 Mobile - Recharge 2 - 4 Dehumidifier 350 40W DC Halogen Bulb 40 MP3 Player - Recharge .25 - .40 Blender 300 20W DC CFL Bulb 22

* even though appliances like TVs, VCRs and more are turned off, they still draw energy

** fridges actually cycle ON/OFF all day long to keep up their temperatures. To approximate the actual run-time at full wattage, divide the hours the refrigerator is connected in by 3

Furthermore, available the day-to-day kwh using a device, by dividing the Energy Star score by 365

Humidifier 300 - 1000 CFL Bulb (40W Equivalent) 11 Video Game Program 195 CFL Bulb (60W Equivalent) 18 Standard television 188 CFL Bulb (75W Equivalent) 20 Monitor 150 CFL Bulb (100W Equivalent) 30 Computer System 120 Heating Units Portable Fan 100 Engine Block Heater 150 - 1000 Ceiling Fan 100 Portable Heater 1500 Can Opener 100 Waterbed Heater 400 Styling Iron 90 Stock Tank Heater 100 Cable Box 20 Clothing Dryer - Gas Heated 300 - 400 Clock Radio 7 Furnace Blower 300 - 1000

Step 2: Determining Your Solar Sources & Calculating Your Solar Range Size Needs

Will be your cabin an excellent area for a solar energy system? The probabilities tend to be yes. You can use the dining table therefore the map below to ascertain just how much sun you actually reach your home. With this particular information and a power load sizing sheet, it is possible to figure out exactly which of your cabin solar kits may be the perfect fit for your energy needs.

Get Maker Direct And Save Even More!

Whenever you purchase through Silicon Solar, you will put away whenever 20-30per cent vs purchasing your system through a nearby solar installer since you are not paying a retail markup by buying manufacturer direct.

a solar power installer may charge whenever $10.00 / watt (plus installation costs). But, at Silicon Solar, the body can cost as low as $5.95 - 7.95 / watt.

System Size Typical Installer
Cost Typical Silicon
Solar Price You Save 150W $ 1, 500 $ 1, 050 $ 450 450W $ 4, 500 $ 3, 145 $ 1, 355 850W $ 8, 500 $ 5, 950 $ 2, 550

Complete Program Financing Available

With Silicon Solar Flex-Pay Financing, you can eliminate electric costs monthly witha TruPower cabin solar system.

Complete System Engineering & Design

For many years, we offered our buyer pre-packaged cabin PV methods, however, during that time we discovered that our many happy consumers aided by the greatest return on the investment had been those who used our engineering experts to style, acquisition and put in a custom cabin solar power system carefully engineered to generally meet their particular certain needs.

Today, our PV system sales are engineered customized PV methods.

To get started:

  • Determine your PV system size requires using the calculator off to the right
  • Contact our cabin PV professionals utilizing the contact form off to the right
  • Put your $800 engineering deposit & design cost using your sales person
  • Purchase your advised cabin PV system
  • Why don't we arrange expert set up with our regional PV installers

Note: Your design charge would be put on one's body purchae whenever you execute your order, or came back if you choose to not purchase through Silicon Solar.

What Exactly Is In A Cabin Solar Program?

cabin solar power kits from Silicon Solar are inexpensive, powerful and hassle-free complete solar energy systems being well suited for multiple off-grid and remote solar energy programs – including cabins, cottages, remote domiciles, searching lodges, remote power methods and anywhere that power is needed nevertheless the cost of bringing in electric outlines is cost-prohibitive.

Small Solar Power Systems
Small Solar Power Systems
Solar Power System
Solar Power System
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