Solar Panel system images

Unit that is frequently composed of 36 solar cells, all of which produces a voltage of 0.5 V; its familiar with run low-voltage devices. solar-cell system


Electrical connection device developed for interrupting current in case of electric overburden by melting among its components.
types of fuses


Sealed box that is encased in glass and contains the solar-cell panel.


Device that shops the electrical energy created by the enthusiast and retrieves it to run a device, right here an incandescent lamp.
electric battery [1]

solar-cell panel

Interconnected solar panels which are mounted onto a safety help; it frequently produces between 15 and 20 volts.

solar power radiation

All of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the Sun.
framework of sunlight [1]

positive contact

Metal element that helps to ensure that the electric current flows through the circuit to which it really is attached.

terminal package

Container when the electric cables running the battery tend to be connected to the collector’s positive and negative connections.

negative contact

Metal factor that means that the household current flows through the circuit that its connected.


Electric element that guarantees the current flows within one way only; this stops the system’s battery pack from discharging immediately.

energy-saving bulb

Light bulb whose electricity usage is leaner and its particular life longer than an incandescent bulb.
incandescent lamp

solar cellular

Unit used to convert solar power into electric energy (photovoltaic result).
solar power cell


Glass covering that allows solar power radiation to feed.
How Solar Energy Panels Work
How Solar Energy Panels Work
Solar panel installations, Solartwin hot water heating system.
Solar panel installations, Solartwin hot water heating system.
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