Solar powered submersible water pump

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The inexpensive and trustworthy method to push liquid.

(without month-to-month electric or outlying water charges)

Click the photo for the little solar panels web page.

Our panels have many utilizes!

K85 Solitary Panel Solar Water

Pumping Kit.

These Solar Water Pumps are Rebuildable - Long LIfe - Brushless Motors - they cannot require extra controllers.

Program prices Starting of them costing only $1, 700.00 has solar panel systems, Aluminum Mounts and Submersible liquid Pump with 100Ft. push cable linked. No under water splicing required.

single panel solar pump kit title=

K170 Two Panel Solar Water-pumping Kit.

Something to think about when buying a solar driven pumping system:

When selecting a pumping system please contemplate this is certainly not a single 12 months acquisition, but a buy which will endure and be used for a long time. Therefore knowing that it's not typically that more costly to step-up to another dimensions larger system than what your exact situation may minimally need. We realize that our clients that do this are often really satisfied with their particular choice eventually. it could make a significant difference between decreasing the need for them to haul liquid normally in extended times of cloudy climate. The more expensive system will pump better in reasonable light situations and also will offer more liquid if the sunshine is shining. it is typically around $400 to step-up a method size when you appear at that over a 10 or 20 12 months period the system can be utilized it is a tremendously minimal expense each year becoming even happier with your buy. We now have never ever had a customer be sorry. It’s easier to get next dimensions bigger system up front than to try and add a panel later on. Additionally should you this and use our ALC container degree operator, you fill your container faster plus the pump is turn off much more saving run time on your engine.

K1000H-4 Panel Solar Water Pump System


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