Solar energy heating systems

Mitsubishi Air provider temperature Pump outdoor and inside devices

The Future of Warming is here

State “Goodbye” to oil, propane, or natural gas for heat. Secure a cost for heating that’s less than $1/gallon oil equivalent, and considerably eliminate home’s carbon air pollution because of modern ductless, mini-split environment origin temperature pumps (ASHPs).

Modern-day temperature pumps have the ability to heat and cool off 2-3x more efficiently than older electric technologies like baseboard and ac units, making all of them significantly less costly to operate than nearly every other form of temperature, in addition to most useful air conditioning equipment you can buy.

Most useful yet – by installing a solar power electric range to run the electric consumption of the warmth pumps, you might be successfully warming your property with sunshine. Your solar range will generate credits during the summer time (when it's sunniest) which permit you to run the warmth pumps inside wintertime (when it is coldest). Your system will effortlessly generate all the ‘fuel’ it previously requires from clean, abundant sunshine!

0-down, 2.99per cent financing can be obtained through ReVision’s Own Your energy solar loan program.

Wish to Heat for $1/gallon Oil Equivalent? Go Solar + Heat Pump

Most of our consumers would you like to save cash as much as they want to help the environmental surroundings. With oil prices presently reasonable, smart individuals are buying efficiency systems to protect by themselves against an inescapable increase in prices – saving cash for the short term, and conserving a whole lot more profit the long-term.

Fuel Resource Cost per Unit Price per Million BTUs Cost to Heat Typical Home
Mitsubishi Electric Diamond DealerResistive Electric Powered by Grid Million BTUs
Resistive Electric Powered by Grid $0.14 / kWh $44 $4, 489
Home heating Oil (2010 rates) $3.70 / gallon $41 $3, 938
Home heating Oil (2015 prices) $2.70 / gallon $30 $2, 790
Propane $2.50 / gallon $35 $3, 404
Propane $2.00 / therm $26 $2, 587
Resistive E.14 / kWh
Heat Pump Powered by Solar $0.09 / kWh $11 $1, 023

According to gasoline data and prices from: . Assumes typical oil boiler running at 65per cent performance, propane and propane at 85% efficiency, resistive electric at 95% performance as well as heat pump at 250percent efficiency (COP of 2.5). Solar PV kilowatt-hour cost of 9 cents per kilowatt-hour over 25-year time period predicated on typical rates business economics of a 4kw + system.

Lincolnville Maine Community Library solar panel systemsjust how Mini Split temperature Pumps Work

Air origin temperature pumps extract temperature from external environment making use of a reverse refrigeration pattern (imagine in the event that you took a screen air conditioner and flipped it around). By extracting heat from the exterior atmosphere and moving it in, as opposed to directly warming the interior atmosphere, the heat pump runs 2-3 times more proficiently than an electric baseboard heater. It is generally known as a coefficient of performance (COP) of 2-3.

There are certain different system styles, nevertheless most common installation is a 1:1 ductless ‘mini separated’ unit. This system design contains a patio device with heat exchanger and compressor, which does the specific heat extraction, and an indoor blower unit which blows warm (or cool) air directly into the house. Mini split implies there's a 1:1 ratio – is just one interior device for each and every outdoor product. We also install ‘multi splits, ’ (one outdoor device to a couple of interior devices) and ducted units when appropriate to website specifics.

Heat Pumps are Great for Supplemental Temperature for New and Existing Homes

Temperature pumps tend to be an excellent way to considerably lessen the usage of an oil or propane boiler in a current home, without the necessity to totally replace the present heating system. Temperature pumps are employed as extra temperature, much like the method wood or pellet stoves tend to be – place it in a common part of your property and raise that location to a cushty temperature. This permits you to reduce your thermoregulator considerably, and count on the efficient electric-heat for some of one's heating. Heat pumps will operate really effortlessly to temperatures as low as -15°F.

Solar Geothermal System - Kennebunkport MaineThe efficiency and dependability of heat pumps in addition makes them a great choice for brand new domiciles, in which the savings garnered by installing temperature pumps in place of a traditional home heating enables you to install solar power electricity for home. By heating and cooling with electricity, and utilizing solar panel systems to come up with electricity, you wind up with a completely ‘net zero’ residence!

We’re a Mitsubishi Electrical Diamond Contractor

ReVision Energy holds the prestigious Diamond Contractor status with Mitsubishi Electric, meaning we could offer an industry-leading 12 12 months components and compressor warranty on single-family, domestic installation, and a 5 year components and 7 12 months compressor guarantee on multi-family and commercial installations.

Modification is focused on technical exemplary and our exacting engineering staff feels that Mitsubishi Electric provides the most useful heat pump technology available. Specifically, our company is impressed using their Hyper temperature low-temperature performance and recent effectiveness breakthroughs in multi-split designs.


Condition bonuses tend to be occasionally offered for temperature pumps, currently:

Incorporating Solar = Ultimate Flexibility and Savings

As with any electric devices, temperature pumps are only because clean while the power they take in. In Northern New The united kingdomt, what this means is a mix dominated by gas, coal, and atomic electricity. Greater to clean your act and run these devices on sunlight!

A grid-tied solar electric variety is an ideal partner for an atmosphere supply heat pump. Net-metering agreements mean that your solar power electric array can create electricity when the solar resource is present. This means one's body will probably produce more electricity than you take in during the summer time, earning you a credit.

When you look at the wintertime, when you really need the electricity to heat your home utilizing the temperature pumps, you certainly will run from energy from the grid, but instead of being billed for it, you'll enjoy the credits you obtained while overproducing during summer.

The overall outcome: solar power banked in the summer used to heat your property in the winter! No other home heating allows you to create your fuel instantly.

What About Ground-Source Temperature Pumps? (Geothermal)

Ground-source heat pumps (AKA geothermal) are also perfect lovers with solar power electric arrays – as eventually, geothermal systems tend to be a type of electric heat the same as atmosphere origin heat pumps. As they do run more proficiently (COP 4-5), the upfront prices of geothermal methods ($30, 000 range) make all of them cost-prohibitive. We are able to often quote multiple environment resource temperature pumps AND solar for approximately the exact same project spending plan as a geothermal system.

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