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1. These Terms & problems affect the SunEdison “Win a fully set up Tesla Powerwall power space System” prize draw promoted by SunEdison Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 45 118 108 044) of 359-361 City path, Southbank, VIC AUSTRALIA (“Promotion”).

2. We advice you study these Terms & circumstances in full. Information about how to go into the Promotion and information in relation to the awards forms part of these Terms & circumstances. Participation into the advertising is regarded as acceptance among these Terms & Conditions.

Tips enter

4. Becoming immediately registered in to the marketing award draw you need to request an authentic quote through the SunEdison Australia site or Energy issues web site or through a SunEdison authorized partner internet kind or by calling 133 SUN and discussing this marketing AND later buy one associated with the systems as referred to in section 8(a) straight from SunEdison Australian Continent (purchases from SunEdison Australia’s companion network aren't qualified)

5. The marketing will be operate by SunEdison Australian Continent Pty Ltd (ABN 45 118 108 044).


6. Entry towards the advertising is ready to accept permanent Australian Residents (aside from residents of this Northern Territory or Western Australian Continent) who're aged 18 many years or older (“Eligible Entrants”) and just who satisfy one of the Entry Requirements. The functions of the Terms & problems, “ Australian Residents” suggests a person who resides in Australia in the very beginning of the advertising duration and whom keeps Australian citizenship or keeps an Australian permanent residency visa.

7. Staff members of SunEdison and its related figures business (as that term is defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) and their particular instant families tend to be ineligible to enter. For the purposes of these Terms & Conditions, “immediate family members” means the after: spouse, ex-spouse, de-facto partner, youngster or step-child (whether natural or by adoption), mother or father, step-parent, grandparent, step-grandparent, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, sibling, sis, step-brother, step-sister or very first relative.

8. The marketing is ready to accept Eligible Entrants whom fulfil one of several after Entry needs (a) to (g):

a. You need to send a genuine estimate for one associated with the following:

i) a brand new solar PV system

ii) a brand new solar PV + electric battery system

iii) a battery pack update to an existing photovoltaic system


purchase one of this above-mentioned systems from SunEdison Australian Continent prior to the marketing finishing time.

b. Estimates should be submitted through SunEdison Australian Continent site, Energy Matters internet site or through a SunEdison Authorized Partner web-form or by phoning 133 SUN and discussing this marketing to at least one of SunEdison’s sales representative.

c. The winning entry are going to be drawn from the pool of entrants. If yours could be the winning entry you need to nominate a ‘base system’ as the right solar PV system you have onto which the Tesla battery bundle might included.

d. If you don't nominate an appropriate solar PV system as the ‘base system’, then you can transfer the award to a 3rd party of one's choosing. This alternative party may then nominate a suitable solar PV system which they possess due to the fact ‘base system’ onto that your Tesla electric battery bundle is added.

e. If you try not to alert SunEdison Australian Continent of a base system (either nominated by you or your selected 3rd party) within 21 times of you becoming informed that yours was the winning entry, after that SunEdison Australia gets the to deem the award forfeited, and complete a new award draw. Any brand new prize draw will likely be influenced by these conditions and terms.

f. A ‘suitable’ photovoltaic system is described as either Type A) a fresh or existing installed solar PV system with a Fronius Hybrid or Type B) an innovative new or existing installed solar PV system with SolarEdge inverter, or Type C) a current totally practical photovoltaic system with another model of inverter. a photovoltaic system will be considered ideal only once a site inspection happens to be carried out by an experienced SunEdison professional which verifies that accessibility, place, existing electric connection and maintenance conditions as well as other necessary technical requirements tend to be appropriate installing the reward.

g. Optimum one entry per individual.

Competition Start and Closing Times

9. You must request an authentic quote as specified above between 00.01 AEDT on and ends up at 23.59 AEDT on to be automatically entered into award draw.


10. The reward contains a completely set up Tesla Powerwall battery storage system. The Tesla Powerwall battery pack system supplied because the reward has actually a value between $8, 449 and up to $11, 449.

11. Battery pack storage system type is granted while the reward is determined by the requirements of nominated suitable base photovoltaic system. The below dining table suggests award information.

Type A


Type B


Type C

(Other inverter methods)

Tesla Powerwall

Fronius Symo Firmware Update

StorEdge user interface

SolarEdge 3kW Inverter

Fronius smart meter

SolarEdge Smart meter

Traditional Installation

12. The award doesn't through the base solar PV system that the battery storage space system will be added.

13. If, at that time the prize is granted, the winner has bought a completely put in and paid-in full Tesla Powerwall Battery storing program from SunEdison Australian Continent after that SunEdison Australia will as an alternative spend the champion the award value of $11, 449.

14. All values reported in these terms and conditions tend to be inclusive of GST.

Tesla Powerwall Power System Prize Key Qualities

  • Technology: Wall mounted rechargeable lithium ion electric battery with liquid thermal control.
  • Model: 7 kWh (6.4 kWh usable)
  • Warranty: decade
  • Body weight: 220 lbs / 100 kg
  • Measurements: 1300 mm x 860 mm x 180 mm

Prize Draw

15. The champion will likely to be attracted at SunEdison Australia, 359-361 City path, Southbank, and VIC, 3006 at 15.00 AEDT on making use of a totally randomized and independent third drawing answer.

Things Not Included As An Element Of Prize

16. SunEdison Australia accepts no responsibility for expenses associated with the prize that aren't expressly included in the award.

17. The prize doesn't are the base photovoltaic system that the battery storage system is to be added.

18. The party receiving the reward is in charge of organizing and investing in the price of any extra expenditures needed on location to accommodate the reward installation.

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